We believe that infill development done right can help Edmonton's existing neighbourhoods continue to be great places to live for all residents.

Our membership has come together for one purpose: to help transform Edmonton's mature and existing neighbourhoods that are  vibrant, walkable, efficient, flexible, resilient, sustainable, and healthy.

Why Become A Member?

Membership in IDEA first and foremost shows your affiliation with a growing number of people who care about participating in the way we build Edmonton for the future.

Membership gets you access to our online research library and listings page and gives you the option of being featured on our IDEA members page. You will receive pre-sale access to event tickets and first-hand updates on IDEA gatherings. 

Members are also offered a number of ways to participate and volunteer. Our key areas of focus are in: advocating for quality infill in Edmonton, cooperating with the City of Edmonton and other groups to produce forward-thinking policy, and sharing information and best practices to help industry and communities work together to build better.

Industry Memberships

An industry membership affiliates you and your business with IDEA. If you financially benefit off of infill you are considered an Industry Member. 

Industry Members include: 
Developers, Designers, Architect, Builders, Landscapers, Surveyors, Real Estate Agents, Demolition Groups. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are unsure, please email info@infilledmonton.com

Industry Membership Subscription - $300/year

COMMUNITY Memberships

If you are an individual passionate about having a hand in shaping how Edmonton builds infill, we believe you fit into our community membership. We are excited you are getting involved. 




* IDEA reserves the right to refund your money if you are not in good standing with IDEA's values or if you are a Industry Member trying to purchase a Community Member. 

After payment, register your membership with the link provided in the payment success message.

Memberships paid through PayPal are automatically charged annually. This is our preferred way to pay for a membership as it reduces time spent on administration.

You can cancel your membership anytime by contacting us at info@infilledmonton.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Get INvolved?

The best way to participate is to join our newsletter and either attend or volunteer for the meetings, events, council hearings, etc. that we announce. The best way to help IDEA is to help our voice be heard.